Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Service in the Community

Service - The act of helping or doing work for someone. An act of assisstance.

When I found out the topic for this lesson I went straight to the lesson manual and read through the material.  I found a number of good participation activities such as getting the young women to create their own community by drawing an outline of the north island, and getting the girls to write up what they thought was a part of their community e.g. schools, health services, etc.  I decided I'd use some discussion questions as well such as why they think it is important as members of the church to give service in their communities.  My husband also gave me the fantastic idea of applying the work that superheros do to service.  In was planning to show different clips of superheros from some of the lattest films, and quiz the girls on how they were serving following the clips.  For example, I would show a scene from the film 'Hancock' staring Will Smith giving service by assissting keepers of the peace (police), a clip of Superman protecting his city, and Captain America defending his country.   My husband and I thought this might be a good way of keeping the young women interested in the lesson.  To end my lesson I thought I would share a story from the lesson manual, a team building game, and a quote from a church leader.

In relation to ambience and aesthetics I was able to establish a sense of meaning of the word service in this context, and an opportunity for service within the community was apparent.

Here is a clip of members of our church giving service in a community in California.  Helping hands is a world wide Mormon event that occurs annualy.  If you want to see more you can check out more youtube clips by searching Mormon helping hands, and a number of helping hand projects from all over the world will appear.  Enjoy!


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  1. Hi Yas
    I really liked your idea of putting the video on your post as it gives readers a clearer idea. I found the font of your post a little bit small. Perhaps if it was bigger it may be easier to read.
    Great post
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