Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Marriage Standards

In preparing this lesson I first referred to the lesson manual and read over what was to be covered.  Everything seemed to be quite plain and to the point.  Now as the last lesson I taught, the topic wasn’t very applicable to my 12 & 13 year old girls which always makes it a harder to teach.  

In relation to ergonomics and the task of preparing this lesson, I had to take into account the age of the group I would be presenting to, the time available (30-40 mins), the relationship this lesson topic had to the girls personal timeline, place in the environment (class room at church), and the spirituality of the setting and affect the lesson would have on the girls internal motivations and individual values.

On account of age I decided to introduce the lesson with a story about a badminton player who was looking for a partner to play as a duo.  I thought by giving a scenario the girls could relate to would help them understand the importance of choosing a partner for life.  The next ergonomic factor to consider was the time frame available.  Whenever planning a lesson I always plan to go longer than the time allocated.  It’s much easier to round up a lesson if about to go overtime, but trying to make the lesson last longer is a bit trickier.  In relation to the girls personal timeline, marriage is a fair way off, never the less it is good to have some idea of what you want in the person you’d like to be with in the future.  In taking this into account, an activity I incorporated into the lesson, was for the girls to make a list of the characteristics they would like to see in their future husbands.  The environment I had to teach in was a class room with a black board, a large window, a table for me to put my resources on, and enough seats for my class of nine to sit on.  Finally, in my last connection to ergonomics, the spiritual side I took into account when preparing this lesson was whether these young woman would be able to, when the time comes, choose a partner that would respect and help make and keep them as happy as they can be.  All I want is the best for these girls, they deserve it.

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  1. Hi Yasmin, great to see how you have been mindful of ergonomic factors in your session planning, for example taking into consideration the age group for the session you were preparing for. I enjoyed reading your post :)