Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Service in the Church

The purpose of this lesson was to teach the young women about how the church was organised and established on the earth, who helped organise it, and what they went through to make that possible.
In preparing this lesson I focused on communicative and productive relationships afforded by the work I was doing.  According to Hagedorn (2000), affordance is "anything which the environment can offer the individual which is pertinent to the role challenge and can facilitate role competence".
The first I encountered upon was the primary relationship I have with the young women I teach.  This is the relationship of teacher/pupil.  I wanted to make sure the information I was obtaining for the lesson was factual and beneficial to the young women.  I considered the sacrifice I had made to be able to prepare and teach this lesson.  The sacrifice was time, and this is the small sacrifice I will need to pay to continue planning to teach Sunday school.  As for the affordance factor of how preparing a lesson can be done in relation to an individual or as a group.  I tend to prepare the lesson on my own, but at times may ask my husband for any input he may have or good ideas for games and so forth.
In the lesson itself I used a range of discussion questions, quotes from present and past church leaders, I decided I would use a DVD of the pioneers of the church, a game that I had made up (snakes and ladder idea but instead of snakes I used the trap of laziness and instead of ladders I used clouds for the girls to jump up when they had given some sort of service in the church), I also decided to leave time for any experiences the girls wanted to share about giving service in the church.

Hagedorn (2000). Tools for Practice in Occupational Therapy: A Structured Approach to Core Skills and Processes. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

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  1. Hi Yasmin,

    I really like this post. I feel that you have explained your activity clearly and linked affordances with your roles well. It sounds like an amazing job you are doing with the girls!