Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Each person is Divine and Eternal

This weeks lesson had a strong spiritual influence.  I wanted the young women to take home a core value from this lesson - treat others as you would like to be treated.

A quick recap of the lesson I had planned.  I used pictures (of young women from different countries to show that they may look different, but they are all the same in the eyes of God), a story (about a girl who befriended a girl who was all alone), discussion questions (knowing the worth of someone, would you want to make even one person feel that he or she is not of worth?), and an activity (getting the girls to write their name and the top of a piece of paper and pass it to their right around in a circle until it comes back to them with nice things that every person in the class has written on the same piece of paper).  In the moments of preparing this lesson I truly felt that this activity of preparing sunday school really does influence the young women to be the best they can be.  The things I teach my girls in sunday school will hopefully stay somewhere in their memories forever, so it important to invest the best of myself and personal judgement into what I teach these young women who will grow up to be their own unique person.

T.F. Green definition of work sum's up my occupation as a Sunday school teacher - "Work: Activity producing an enduring object.  Work requires self-investment, skill, craft and personal judgement.  Work is purposeful and meaningful.  Work is distinct from labour and often must be discovered indepently from one's job."

Another quote that expresses how I feel about teaching Sunday school is from a story by Larry Lawhorn - "The love and the pride that humans put into thier hands as they work on intrinsically motivated projects is what OT is all about."

I love preparing to and teaching Sunday school.  It challenges me and leaves me with a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Please find bellow my responses to four other student blog posts:


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Lawhorn, L. (1994).  Just a little christmas story.  Occupational journal. USA


  1. Yas, this blog is my favorite by far. You have clearly shown links to spirituality in with your activity and have explained this well. Definitely got me thinking! Well done

  2. Hey, Hey Yasmin!!!

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