Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Chosen Activity: Preparing to teach Sunday School

My chosen occupation is teaching sunday school to 12-13yr old girls.  I find it challenging at times to make the lessons interresting for the girls, but at the same time I love being a teacher because it pushes me both spiritually and mentally (to be creative).  The first lesson was a success which set me off to a great start at being the 'new' teacher.  There is no limit as to how long you are assigned to be a teacher at church, could be anywhere from a few weeks to a number years.  I have found that the girls, being typical teenages enjoy activities/games more than the essential lesson doctrine itsef, so it is important to apply both into each lesson so that the girls go away having learned something of worth and wanting to come back next sunday for more.

The most recent class I have taught was on Sunday 4 September.  The lesson was on avoiding dishonesty.  I taught this class to a slightly larger group of girls as this was a combined lesson with girls aged 12-17yrs. As a side note, there are three main age groups in the Young Womens Programme at church: 
  • Beehives  12-13yr (this is my main young womens class)
  • Mia Maids  14-15yrs
  • Laurels  16-17yrs
In preparing for this lesson I looked at the lesson guidelines which are in our church Young Womens teaching Manual.  After reading through the information in the manual, I wrote out in my own excercise book how I would like the lesson to flow.  By taking ideas from the manual and other church magazines I was able to plan out what I wanted in my lesson.  I also added an activity to the lesson which was from my own memory of engaging in it at some point in my life.  I related the activity to a web of lies.  I wanted to ask the girls to split into two or three groups of  five and link hands in the middle.  The aim was then to attempt to get out of their tangle and into a circle without letting go of eachothers hands.

The class went well.  It was a little nerve racking as the teachers of the other two young women groups were there also, but I feel the lesson went o.k and benefited the girls spiritual learning in a positive way.

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